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Why become a paid member?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

You will make money if you follow our plan, simple.

Our mission is to reduce food insecurity and it's determinants.

UFA gives food and Urbanhood solves the root cause of the problem by giving education.

First of all, you are making a difference by participating a great cause and doing good deed. We do not learn how money works in school, this is the place you will learn about Money.

Do you want to become financially savvy?

Our members will have access to our most of the classes and learn financial literacy, investments, careers, and ways to gain your financial freed.

All our paid members will get the followings

  1. Microsoft Office 365 E1 ($10/month value) subscription for yearly members.

  2. With your Office, you will have Microsoft Office Apps - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Team, 1 TB One Drive + more

  3. Access to more than 100 hours of online trainings of Personal Development, Careers, Investment, Stock Trading, Options Trading, Technical Analysis, plus more.

Do you want to know how you can get your investment back with 80% success rate of trades?

  • Use right credible information to increase your chance of getting winning trade tips. We have everyday live market hour (9:30 AM-4 PM est) trading screen sharing sessions with professional traders and ideas, trading tips for you.

  • Use our daily market news, pre-market analysis to plan for your trading jounrey.

  • Use our stock trading tips (day trading alerts, range of price buy/sell indications, live market update private groups discussions, chats, etc)

  • Use swing trading alerts and ideas to set your trade and forget it.

Are you ready to take out the guess work and be confident in making money?

We have memberships:

  • Trial

  • Lite

  • Gold

  • Platinum

As a member, you will


Tools, Resources, Mastermind programs, weekly group coaching and mentoring webinars, on-demand learning platform access, + more

Become Investor

If your savings are sitting on the sidelines, your wealth is not growing. Become confident and learn how to make your money work for you. You will have opportunity for Active or Passive Income.


Custom-made tools/capabilities and teams to help grow your money using solid, methodical approaches. Through connected learning, learn from others who already took the journey you are about to take.

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