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Food delivery in Trenton

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Hunger has many different causes, the most obvious ones being homelessness or economic hardships. Sometimes the problem stems from a simple lack of access. So-called food deserts are neighborhoods where grocery stores with healthy foods are not nearby. This problem is exacerbated when residents don't have access to cars or public transportation, or if they have difficulty walking. Urban Food Alliance makes an effort to serve people in those circumstances as well as those who are homeless.

On Sunday, October 16, UFA worked together with volunteers from Sri Sai Balaji Temple, who prepared and distributed meals to a housing development in Trenton.

One of the volunteers was particularly touched by the gratitude of an elderly handicapped woman who enjoyed a meal and promptly called many of her friends in the building to inform them that free cooked meals were available outside for anybody who needed them. Many people came to enjoy the food, and take meals home for their loved ones as well. "I feel so blessed to have been part of this food distribution effort," he said; "The community came together, and people were so happy to share the food. The volunteers were caring and made sure everybody left with a smile."

People have said that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. At UFA, we are grateful to contribute to other people's happiness, to our clients who get to enjoy a warm meal in the company of friends, and to our volunteers who feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment at helping others.

If your organization or group of friends is interested in sponsoring one of our meal distributions and/or volunteering, please contact us at

As always, monetary donations to help us buy, prepare, and distribute food are always welcome, and can be made via Paypal.

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