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How can you install ChatGPT add-in in Google sheet and Google Doc?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Installing ChatGPT Add-On

Logon to your Google Drive

Open new Excel Sheet in your Google Drive

Step 1: Click add exemptions.

Search for ChatGPT for Sheets

Choose Talarian one

Step 2: Click Install

Step 3: Click Continue, choose your Google Account

Accept the Agreement

Step 4: Click allow, you should see a screen like this.

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Click Done

Step 7: Your Google Excel sheet will have a screen like this will show up

Step 8: You should see this extension on your excel sheet

Click Extensions on your Excel, you will see

GPT for sheets and docs will show up

Step 9: Test the extension in Google Doc

Go to your Google Doc

Start a new document

Click Extensions

Check you will see GPT for Google Doc shows up

Once you install the Add-In in Google Sheet, it will show up in both word and excel documents.

Time to test the Add-In

Step 10: Test it

Go to your excel sheet

Click on a cell

Type in the sheet =GPT(…)

You will see error comes up

We need fix it (by doing the following task)

You are getting error since you do not have valid API

We will do the following

  1. Create a valid API

  2. You must make sure it is activated, and

  3. Enabled to work with excel

  1. Creating and Activating API Key

Follow below steps Step 1: Open your web browser and Google the key word "chatgpt playground"

Use the above link to open the site

Click "Create new secret key"

Step 2: copy the key (from your browser window)

Step 3: Paste it (in Google excel sheet)

Step 4: click on "Launch and enable functions"

Step 5: From any cell of excel, type below command

=GPT("I want 5 foodbanks")

Note: The rest of the parameters are optional

Congratulations! you just completed the Google-Adin fr ChatGPT

After installing the ChatGPT add-in, you can access its features and capabilities within Google Sheets and Google Docs. Please note that the availability and functionality of specific add-ins may vary, so it's recommended to review the add-on's documentation or instructions for more detailed usage guidelines.

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