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Empowering Workplaces with Diversity: UFA and Partners Lead the Charge in Hybrid Event on January 21, 2024

Locations: New York City, NY - New Hyde Park, Long Island (#NYC #LongIsland) - Urban Food Alliance (UFA), in collaboration with Hillside Islamic Center (HIC) Masjid and other community Masjids (#HICMasjid #JMCmasjid), recently hosted a groundbreaking hybrid session. This event, part of UFA's esteemed workforce development program, focused on enhancing workplace diversity (#workplacediversity) and cultivating a respectful, healthy work environment (#healthyworkplace #respectfulworkplace). The session was a crucial stride in bolstering local economic growth (#localeconomicdevelopment) and fortifying community bonds (#communityties). 

Key discussions included diversity and inclusion training, Muslim workplace experiences, and strategies to confront discrimination, all aimed at creating inclusive, thriving communities. 

The event, significant after the Gaza War, attracted many participants, both physically and virtually. It concentrated on empowering individuals to foster a culture of respect and open dialogue in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of confronting discrimination with courage and honesty. 

Different types of employees are standing in the workplace.

Mushi Bhuiyan, Founder of UFA, inspired attendees by saying, "Embrace your identity as a Muslim with strength and honesty. It's essential for workplaces to encourage open discussions and empower employees to voice their concerns with respect." The session highlighted the necessity of collective effort in fighting discrimination and nurturing inclusivity. 

Looking ahead, UFA is committed to organizing more impactful sessions, aligning with its mission of workforce development and community upliftment. "Our goal transcends individual growth; it's about elevating our entire community," Mushi Bhuiyan remarked, emphasizing the role of diverse workplaces in strengthening the local economy and community vibrancy. Echoing this sentiment, HIC Masjid's Founder Aziz Bhuiyan urged, "Muslims should confidently report any workplace discrimination. It's crucial for our collective well-being." 

For further details on upcoming events, to participate, or for more information, please visit Urban Food Alliance or reach out at Join us in this vital movement towards respectful, diverse workplaces. 

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