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Urban Food Alliance Launches SalamConnect:An innovative App from UFA's Workforce Development Program

The Urban Food Alliance (UFA) is proud to introduce Salam Connect, a pioneering application developed to strengthen and unite the Muslim community across the United States. This initiative is a direct product of UFA’s innovative workforce development program, which provides students, alumni, and professionals with real-world experience to make a significant impact in the community.

Salam Connect: Bridging Communities, Elevating Voices

Salam Connect, developed using advanced AI technologies and built on Microsoft cloud, is a comprehensive platform offering a variety of features. These include engaging with candidates, participating in dialogues on critical issues, discovering local events and finding mosques near me, and creating professional networks. The platform is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of the Muslim community, promoting faith-based bonding, civic participation, and informed voting.

Key Features of Salam Connect:

  • Civic Engagement: Access essential voting information and stay informed on relevant political candidates, issues, and matters.

  • Candidates Hub with AI-Powered 'Know Your Politician':

o Browse Candidates:  Explore profiles of political candidates from local to federal levels.

  o Campaign Insights: Access official campaign websites and social media links of candidates.

o   AI Chatbot for Candidate Information: Use the AI-powered 'Know Your Politician' chatbot to learn about candidates, including their background and key issues.

o   Direct Interaction: Ask questions directly to registered candidates and receive responses, helping you make informed decisions during elections.

  • Ask Your Politician a Question:

o    Submit questions directly to political candidates.

o   Governance in place to monitor the nature of questions, facilitating constructive dialogue and information sharing.

o   Feature being deployed in New York State, initially with the Nassau County Muslim Community.

  • Multilingual Support: Accessibility in multiple languages.

  • Voter Registration and Information: Essential details on local elections and voting processes.

  • Community Forums: Engage in discussions and connect with the community.

  • Comprehensive USA Masjid Directory:

o   Extensive Database: Features a list of masjids covering all 50 states.

o   Digital Presence for Masjids: Provides digital visibility for many masjids that lack real-time, data-driven online presence.

o   Dynamic Information Access: Members can access up-to-date information about each masjid, including prayer times, events, and community activities.

o   Navigation and Directions: Users can easily get driving directions and find the location of nearby masjids through the app.

  • Professional Connections: Build networks with Muslim professionals for career advancement and community development.

  • Community Involvement: Participate in local events and prayers at local mosques.

A pioneering application developed to strengthen and unite the Muslim community across the United States.

A Collaborative Effort with Microsoft

The development of Salam Connect is a testament to UFA’s partnership with Microsoft, leveraging their cloud technology to ensure scalability and robustness of the platform. This collaboration underscores our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to serve the community effectively.

Join the Movement

We encourage the Muslim community to register at and become part of this innovative movement. The platform is not just a digital tool; it’s a testament to the power of technology and collaboration in creating a more interconnected and represented Muslim presence in America.

Explore and Join

Discover the offerings of Salam Connect and join our community at Registration is simple and opens the door to numerous benefits.

For more information about Salam Connect, or to schedule an interview with a UFA representative, please contact

About Urban Food Alliance

Urban Food Alliance (UFA) is a non-profit organization committed to addressing food insecurity and improving community welfare through innovative technological solutions. With a hundred years of combined expertise in community engagement and a strong focus on workforce development, UFA is leading the way in creating impactful programs and initiatives for diverse groups.

Stay Connected with UFA. Please stay updated with the latest projects and initiatives from UFA.

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