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30+ years of professional entrepreneurial and working experience in many industries, highlighted few global 500 companies below:

  • Banking (Merrill Lynch, Citi Bank, Ing Bank, TD Ameritrade)

  • Energy (Chevron, Marathon Oil)

  • Government (Department of Commerce)

  • Investment Management (NYSE, UBS) 

  • Insurance (CNA, Zurich, Zurich, New York Life)

  • Life Sciences (Pfizer, BMS, Merck, Johnson & Johnson)

  • Technology (Accenture, Microsoft, Arthur Anderson, MTM) 


Entrepreneurial – Founder, CEO and Investors of SpeakEQ, Synesis IT, Surf IT, Matrix Consulting, Several subscription based portals, Hospitality, Real Estate and Non-Profit (Turning , Brooks21, Speak To Connect.  

Publishing:  Unleash Your Communication Skills: Dive into the 'Speak to Connect' Book for Powerful Connections.

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