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Food Donation New Jersey

Although mentioned in the list of the wealthiest nations, hunger is common in New Jersey. It envelopes kids, working parents, seniors and others.


According to Feeding America's study: One in 10 people living in New Jersey didn't have a sufficient supply of food. In numbers, there were more than 919,000 hungry residents. Children had it even worst, 13.5 percent of children didn't have access to food, in numbers: there were more than 268,000 hungry children who required food donation in NJ.


The cost of living in New Jersey is not within every person's reach. According to an estimation 1 in 4 residents didn't have enough money or any source of income that could even fulfil their most basic everyday needs. 


An approximated 900,000 individuals relied on food banks and food donation in NJ to curb their hunger. 


Hunger has adverse effects on one's health. It can slow down a person from growing mentally as well as physically. This effect can conjure up many more issues in the community as well. Problems like lack of nutrition leading to negative thoughts, which is one of the top factors that stop the community from growing financially.  


Without proper nutritious food, it becomes hard for an individual to live parallel to other people of the society. They couldn't use their abilities properly.


At Urban Food Alliance, we are striving to alleviate hunger in the local community. But, we need your support to help us in our mission for feeding the homeless in NJ and working towards long term goals to eradicate hunger in New Jersey.

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