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Best High Paying Remote Non-IT and IT Job Training Course

If you’re considering 1 year program that includes training, experience with internship, resume building and coaching session for remote non-IT and IT jobs in 2023, here are our top recommendations.

These five programs range from entry-level to advanced. Pick your course based on where you want to take your career.

High paying remote jobs training course with a 100% money back guarantee, divided into three levels:

  • Foundation (100 Level)

  • Intermediate (200 Level)

  • Professional (300 Level)

This outline includes ChatGPT, AI, ERP, CRM, Microsoft Cloud Solution, especially Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure DevOps, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE. 

Program Investment 

  • Regular Price: $9,396

  • Sale Price: $4,500

  • Monthly payments of $400

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Flexible Pay Method

1 time payment of $4,500 (saving 49%) or monthly payments of $400

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Our Instructors

From Job Search Struggles to Success 
Starting from June 5, 2023

Are you tired of sending out resumes and job applications, only to hear nothing back?

Is the job search process leaving you feeling discouraged and frustrated?


Look no further! Our online job search course is designed to help job seekers like you succeed.

Meet Sarah, a recent college graduate who struggled to find a job in her field. After sending out numerous resumes and going on several interviews, she still couldn't land a job. Feeling hopeless, Sarah stumbled upon our online job search course. Skeptical at first, she decided to give it a try!

Through our comprehensive online course, Sarah learned to identify job opportunities that matched her skills and interests, create an effective resume and cover letter, and network strategically to build her professional connections. Equipped with these skills, Sarah secured a job offer in her desired field and is now happily employed.  You too can achieve job search success with our online course.


Here's what you can expect:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course covers everything from goal setting to interview techniques.
Interactive Learning: Our program includes exercises and activities to help you apply your learnings to your job search.
Personalized Feedback: Our experienced job search coaches provide personalized feedback and support.
Accessible and Convenient: Our course is accessible from anywhere and can be completed on your own schedule.

Program details: 1 Year (4 Phases)​

  • Phase 1 - Skill Development 

  • Phase 2 - Internship / Experience

  • Phase 3 - Job Search Prep and Practice

  • Phase 4 - Mentoring & Coaching 


  • Phase 1 - May

  • Phase 2 - June

  • Phase 3 - July

  • Phase 4 - September

Recording: Once the live class is over, you have the ability to access it at any time.