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Take Your Career to the Next Level with Our Intermediate-Level Microsoft Cloud Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Course 
 Take Your Skills to the Next Level and Enhance Your Client Interaction Capabilities with Our Comprehensive Intermediate Course 

Are you looking to take your career to the next level? 

Do you want to learn the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the tech industry? 

If so, then our intermediate-level Microsoft Cloud Technologies and Microsoft Dynamics 365 course is for you! 

Our course is designed to help you learn the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a variety of job roles, including: 

  • Business Analyst 

  • Project Manager 

  • Project Coordinator 

  • Content Creator 

  • Junior or Senior Level App Developer 

​Course Description

Ready to take your career to new heights?  

Our intermediate level course is designed to help you master Microsoft Cloud Technologies and Dynamics 365, equipping you with the skills required for in-demand job roles. In addition, you'll learn essential client interaction skills to excel in your career. This course is perfect for anyone looking to upskill and secure high-paying remote positions. 

In our course, you will learn about the following: 

  • Microsoft Azure 

  • Microsoft Power BI 

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 

You will also learn how to interact with clients and build relationships. 

Our course is self-paced, so you can complete it at your own pace. 

However, we recommend that you set aside at least 2-3 hours per week to work on the course materials. 

We also offer a variety of resources to help you succeed, including: 

  • A team of experienced instructors 

  • A discussion forum 

  • A library of resources 

If you are interested in learning more about our course, please visit our website or contact us today. 

We would be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started on your journey to a successful career. 

Register to your course today and take your career to the next level! 

Call to Action

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course after successful completion. 

Course Structure

 Our intermediate level course covers the following key topics: 

 Microsoft Cloud Technologies: Dive into the world of Microsoft Cloud Technologies and learn how they can revolutionize your career. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Master the various applications of Dynamics 365, enabling you to excel in high-demand job roles. 

Client Interaction Skills: Learn effective communication, negotiation, and relationship-building strategies to successfully interact with clients. 

Real-World Projects: Apply your new skills in practical, hands-on projects designed to prepare you for real-world situations in the IT industry. 


The course will start from 10th July and will be offered over a duration of 5 weeks from M-F daily at 9 PM Est. time. 


The cost of the course is $1,599
100% profit used to support Food Bank charity. We offer students, Sr. Citizen & Vet discounts. Please contact us for details. Scholarships available for needy students.  
Payment plan:   

  • Single payment of $1,599     

  • 12 monthly payments of $145​

​Flexible Pay Method: 1 time payment of $1599 (saving 9%) or 12-monthly payments of $145 


Payment Plan & Cancellation: By selecting our payment plan, you commit to paying the full product amount. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after 30 days; only future payments will continue till the course amount paid off. By proceeding, you accept these terms.

Why Choose Our Program? 

 Intermediate-Focused: Our course is tailored for individuals with foundational knowledge, preparing you for more advanced concepts and skills. 

Microsoft Cloud Technologies & Dynamics 365 Mastery: Learn the ins and outs of these powerful tools to set yourself apart in the competitive job market. 

Client Interaction Skills: Enhance your ability to engage with clients effectively, boosting your overall career potential. 

Expert Instructors: Our team of experienced instructors will provide personalized guidance and support throughout your learning journey. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity! 
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