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Food Donation Philadelphia 

1 in 5 people in the Philadelphia area faces hunger. According to a report, in the 2012-2014 period, 248,046 or 16.7 percent of people in Philadelphia, PA were struggling for food. The federal government marked them "food insecure" households, as they mostly lacked sufficient food on their table.

In the 2015-2017 period, the number of people who couldn't afford food dramatically increased to 302,685 or 18.3 percent. The number of people who couldn't afford enough food has risen by 22 percent, in the last six years.

Nearly 239,627 adults in the Philadelphia metropolitan region were employed from 2015- 2017 but they still lacked enough food for their family.

Homelessness and Homeless shelters in Philadelphia issue need our attention too. According to a report, about 5,700 people are studied as homeless in Philadelphia in which approximately 950 are unsheltered.

At Urban Food Alliance, we are striving to make enough homeless shelters in Philadelphia, PA and feeding the homeless in Philadelphia to the best of our abilities.

Healthy food is a necessity of life; our health and financial success is dependent on it. It's tough to concentrate on your studies, getting a job and manage most of the problems in life, including social life, which in itself, if not normal, has a bad influence in our daily life.

Hunger is a byproduct of poverty, and it needs a solution. 

For feeding the homeless in Philadelphia to diminish Hunger and making healthy food in every homeless and hungry person's reach, we have to join together, give food donations or do what we can to eradicate hunger and homelessness from our community forever.

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