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Position Available for Internship 

Launch Your Career in AI and Social Impact at the Urban Food Alliance 

Are you passionate about using technology for good? Do you dream of making a tangible difference in the world? The Urban Food Alliance (UFA) is seeking talented individuals to join our team and help us build a more sustainable and equitable food system through innovative AI solutions. 

Explore Our Diverse Opportunities

We offer a wide range of exciting and challenging roles that leverage the power of AI to drive social change. Whether you're a tech expert, a data enthusiast, a creative communicator, or a passionate advocate, we have the perfect opportunity for you to apply your skills and make a real impact. 

  1. AI Innovator: Food Systems Revolution 

  2. Future Food Pioneer: Tech-Driven Changemaker 

  3. Sustainable Solutions Architect: Data & AI 

  4. Code for Good: Software Engineer, Social Impact 

  5. Digital Alchemist: Transforming Food with Tech 

  6. Growth Hacker: Cultivating Community & Impact 

  7. AI-Powered Storyteller: Food Justice Advocate 

  8. Tech Visionary: Designing a Sustainable Future 

  9. Data Whisperer: Unlocking Food System Insights 

  10. Community Catalyst: Building a Food Movement 

  11. Innovation Strategist: Reimagining Urban Food 

  12. Generative AI Trailblazer: Shaping the Future of Food 

  13. Impact Engineer: Tech Solutions for a Better World 

  14. Creative Technologist: Food Systems Game-Changer 

  15. Systems Thinker: Optimizing for a Sustainable Future 

  16. Data Scientist: Harvesting Insights for Food Justice 

  17. AI Ethicist: Guiding Responsible Innovation in Food 

  18. Sustainability Champion: Empowering Communities with Tech 

  19. Full-Stack Developer: Building the Future of Food Systems 

  20. UX/UI Designer: Crafting User-Centric Food Experiences 

  21. Mobile App Developer 


Non-techie roles

22. AI Ethics Advocate: Shaping Responsible Innovation

23. AI Governance Specialist: Building Trustworthy Systems

24. Responsible AI Champion: Promoting Ethical Practices 

25. AI Policy Analyst: Influencing the Future of Technology 

26. AI Communications Strategist: Amplifying Ethical Voices 

27. Community Engagement Coordinator: Building Bridges with AI 

28. AI Education Specialist: Empowering Learners 

29. AI Research Assistant: Investigating Ethical Implications 

30. AI Project Manager: Ensuring Ethical Implementation 

31. AI Legal Advisor: Navigating Regulatory Landscapes 

Data Scientists

32. Data Detective: Uncovering Food System Insights 

33. Impact Analyst: Measuring Social Change with Data 

34. Data Storyteller: Visualizing Food Justice Narratives 

35. Insight Curator: Crafting Compelling Data Stories 

36. Data Alchemist: Transforming Numbers into Knowledge 

37. Analytics Ace: Optimizing for a Sustainable Future 

38. Data Visualization Virtuoso: Painting Pictures with Data 

39. Quantitative Strategist: Data-Driven Decision Maker 

40. Metrics Maven: Measuring Success in Social Impact 

41. AI Ethics Advocate: Shaping Responsible Innovation 

42. AI Governance Specialist: Building Trustworthy Systems 

43. AI Policy Analyst: Influencing the Future of Technology 

44. AI Communications Strategist: Amplifying Ethical Voices 

45. Community Engagement Coordinator: Building Bridges with AI 

46. AI Education Specialist: Empowering Learners 

47. AI Research Assistant: Investigating Ethical Implications 

48. AI Project Manager: Ensuring Ethical Implementation 

49. AI Legal Advisor: Navigating Regulatory Landscapes 


AI & Prompt Engineering 

50. AI Prompt Engineer: Craft effective prompts to guide AI models in generating relevant and accurate content for food systems research, education, and advocacy. 

51. AI Conversation Designer: Develop engaging and informative conversational flows for chatbots and virtual assistants to support community outreach and education initiatives. 

52. AI Content Curator: Utilize AI tools to curate and personalize content for diverse audiences, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in food justice communications. 

53. AI Bias Auditor: Evaluate AI models for potential biases and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring fair and equitable outcomes in decision-making processes. 

54. AI Ethics Researcher: Investigate the ethical implications of AI in the food system, contributing to responsible and transparent AI development and deployment. 

55. AI Policy Advocate: Engage with policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for ethical AI regulations and policies that promote food justice and sustainability. 

56. AI Community Educator: Develop and deliver educational programs to empower community members with knowledge and skills to engage with AI critically and responsibly. 

57. AI Data Steward: Manage and maintain ethical and transparent data collection and usage practices, ensuring data privacy and security in AI-driven initiatives.


58. AI Storytelling Facilitator: Use AI tools to create interactive and immersive narratives that highlight the stories and experiences of communities impacted by food injustice. 

59. AI for Good Project Manager: Lead and coordinate cross-functional teams to develop and implement AI-powered solutions that address social and environmental challenges in the food system.

Marketing, Volunteer Management, and Channel Partnership Roles: 

60. Growth Marketing Guru: Expand our reach and impact through innovative marketing strategies.

61. Community Engagement Champion: Build and nurture relationships with passionate community of supporters. 

62. Social Media Storyteller: Share our inspiring stories and successes across social platforms. 

63. Brand Ambassador: Be the face and voice of our mission, inspiring others to join the movement. 

64. Volunteer Engagement Specialist: Mobilize and empower volunteers to make a difference in their communities. 

65. Strategic Alliance Architect: Forge partnerships that amplify our impact and expand our reach. 

66. Influencer Marketing Maestro: Collaborate with influential voices to spread our message. 

67. Content Marketing Connoisseur: Create compelling content that educates, inspires, and engages our audience. 

68. Channel Partner Catalyst: Develop and manage strategic partnerships to maximize our reach. 

69. Community Outreach Coordinator: Foster meaningful connections with our target communities. 


Other Roles 

70. AI-Powered Grant Writer: Utilize AI tools to research funding opportunities, draft compelling grant proposals, and track application progress.

71. Research Analyst: Employ AI-driven data analysis to identify trends, evaluate program effectiveness, and inform decision-making for maximum impact. 

72. Digital Marketing Strategist: Leverage AI-powered tools to optimize social media campaigns, target specific audiences, and analyze marketing performance data.


73. AI-Enhanced Content Creator: Generate engaging blog posts, social media content, and marketing materials using AI-powered writing tools. 

74. Partnership Development Manager: Build strategic alliances with other organizations, leveraging AI to identify potential partners and analyze collaboration opportunities. 

75. Community Outreach Coordinator: Utilize AI-powered communication tools to engage with stakeholders, gather feedback, and foster community participation. 

76. AI-Assisted Curriculum Developer: Design and develop educational programs using AI tools to personalize learning experiences and assess student progress. 

77. Virtual Learning Facilitator: Deliver engaging online workshops and training sessions using AI-powered platforms for interactive learning experiences. 

78. Finance and Operations Manager: Utilize AI-powered accounting and financial management tools to streamline operations, track budgets, and ensure financial sustainability.


79. Human Resources Coordinator: Implement AI-driven recruitment and onboarding processes to attract and retain top talent. 

80. AI Ethics Officer: Ensure ethical and responsible use of AI technologies in all aspects of the organization's work. 

81. Data Privacy Specialist: Develop and implement data privacy policies and procedures to protect sensitive information and comply with regulations. 

Join the AI Revolution for Social Good 

At the UFA, we believe that AI has the potential to transform the food system and create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Join our team of passionate changemakers and be part of the solution. 

Apply Today 

Visit our careers page to explore our current openings and submit your application. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we encourage applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

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