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Reimagining a New Path in Tech Employment: TK Organization, Microsoft, and UFA Launch Inclusive Job Training for Aspiring Tech Professionals  

New York, NY – July 20, 2023 - Exciting news, everyone! TK Organization, Microsoft TechSpark, and the Urban Food Alliance (UFA) are banding together in an epic team-up that's all about you and your future. This cool new partnership is all about creating opportunities and jobs in the ever-growing tech world, right here in New York and New Jersey. 

The job scene is changing, folks! It's all about technology now, and this initiative couldn't have come at a better time. Microsoft's TechSpark grant is making it possible for a Community Engagement Fellow to come in and lead the charge in local efforts. In sync with UFA, this Fellow will put together a series of awesome training programs, focusing on everything from AI, Generative AI, cutting-edge software development, to cloud and edge computing, and the future of mobility. 

What's super unique about this initiative is that it's not just for tech geeks. Even if you haven't studied computer science formally, this initiative's got your back. The goal here is to fast-track digital transformation and spur economic growth, providing a solution to the rise in unemployment and financial stress that we're seeing around us

The best part? UFA will give you hands-on experience as part of the training. You get to dive right into real-world applications of what you're learning, giving you a leg up when you’re job hunting.


Here's what Kate Behncken, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Philanthropies, has to say about it: "With TechSpark, we've always aimed to help communities tap into technology for creating jobs and economic growth. We're super stoked to join TK Organization and UFA in speeding up digital transformation and developing the workforce in New York and New Jersey." 

Want to get in on this? You can learn more about Urban Food Alliance (UFA) at

About Urban Food Alliance (UFA) 

Urban Food Alliance is all about making a difference. They not only provide fresh and nutritious meals for those in need in our neighborhoods, but they also offer job training and other services at a price you can manage. The best part? The money you pay for these services goes straight to funding their food program. 

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